The Secret Seven book series in order (2023)

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Publication order of the seven secret books

the seven secrets(1949)Amazon. of|
seven secret adventures(1950)Amazon. of|
Well done Secret Seven(1951)Amazon. of|
seven secrets along the way(1952)Amazon. of|
Forward Seven Secrets(1953)Amazon. of|
Good job Secret Seven(1954)Amazon. of|
The Secret Seven wins(1955)Amazon. of|
Three cheers, seven secrets(1956)Amazon. of|
Secret of the Seven Secrets(1957)Amazon. of|
Puzzle of the seven secrets(1958)Amazon. of|
seven secret fireworks(1959)Amazon. of|
good old secret seven(1960)Amazon. of|
Clash of the seven secrets(1961)Amazon. of|
Attention, Seven Secrets(1962)Amazon. of|
Fun for the Secret Seven(1963)Amazon. of|

About the Author:

Enid Blyton was born on 11 August 18987 and died on 28 November 1968. She was an English author of children's books who has easily been a bestseller since the 1930s and has since sold more than 600 million copies. . Her styles were quite eclectic, ranging from fantasy, mystery, and history. Some of her works, although old, are still very popular. Some of her best known works are the character of Noddy, The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. Except, of course, for his first book, known as Child Whispers, a 24-page anthology of his poetry published sometime in 1922. This article focuses on Secret Seven and other memorable material on story information and character development. .

The seven secrets of development.

Also known as the Secret Seven Society, The Secret Seven centers on a fictional group of detectives who happen to be children. Each character seems to be in several other individual books. The characters in The Secret Seven are Peter, the leader of the society, Janet, Peter's sister, Barbara, Barbara, Pam, George and Colin. All of these characters in Secret Seven attend day school, so the actual story takes place during one school year.

The Secret Seven originally appeared as 7 separate short stories written by Enid, each dealing with one of the seven characters. She also developed a story about how the secret society was formed. Although initially unnoticed, these seven individual stories were later published in a single volume.

the seven secrets

This story, published in 1949, revolves around Jack's adventure when he meets some men who are taking a prisoner to an abandoned house. This prompts the other six kids to get involved in trying to find out what's going on, and it does.

the secret adventure

This story begins with a plot that intensifies when a great treasure is stolen. What makes this particularly unusual and interesting is that the children are witnesses as the thief flees the scene. This prompts the seven to do whatever it takes to catch the criminal.

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Well done Secret Seven

Initially, this could be expected as a bit of heart, or at least one aspect of Secret-Seven's new abode. In this book, they now live in a tree house. At first everything seems fine and calm, the group of seven realizes that someone else has used their beloved treehouse. This initially angers the group of seven as they try to provoke a confrontation. However, this applies up to

They realize that the so-called tree house invader may be living in their new home for nefarious reasons. This once again tests the group of seven to solve the problem and help this new person who has invited herself to be among them. Shockingly, this leads the group to stop a gang of thieves planning a detailed heist.

seven secrets along the way

The mystery is amplified in this passionate romance with the group of seven. Something very strange is starting to happen at Tigger's Barn, and as detectives, the group of seven is trying to figure out what's going on. It's supposed to be pretty mysterious. At first, Peter denounces the whole thing as a collection of lies and rumours, despite everything that's been said. This seems to be the case until Jack overhears a rather interesting exchange that leads him to question Peter's claim.

Forward Seven Secrets

This was published in 1953. This edition is definitely more serious. George, one of the sons of the group of seven, is banished from society by none other than his father. As it turns out, this was because the group was practicing their shading and tracing techniques. As if things weren't weird enough now, the dogs start to disappear. Once again, the burglars prove to be quite persistent and resilient, as they are revealed to be the cause of the dogs' sudden and rapid disappearance. Some of the children end up being kidnapped by the group when the situation turns lopsided.

Secret of good work-seven

This edition was published in 1954. While things remain tense, some members of the group are greatly affected when thieves steal Peter and Janet's car. This definitely works against the group and raises several issues that need to be resolved quickly. What is shocking is that Peter and Janet were kidnapped from their car without the thieves knowing.

Secret-Seven victory through

This was published in 1955. Disaster definitely strikes in this edition. The group of seven is horrified to discover that their old hangout has been torn down by a gardener. This definitely raises issues for future cases.

These individual novels and others together make up Secret-Seven and provide a rich and compelling story that offers audiences plenty of content until they get their hands on the next book.


Peter is the alleged head of the secret society. He is described as having little self-confidence. He is confident and sometimes overbearing. He is shown as someone whose role is often not questioned and who asserts himself as a respected and courageous leader. However, from time to time, Peter is a bit blunt and candid, especially with girls, leading to moments that are seen as insensitive by some. Despite this, everyone admires and respects him. He can be interpreted as the most experienced of the group when it comes to transmitting pearls of knowledge. This is sometimes shown when he certainly displays a lot of advanced decision-making and leadership skills. It can be assumed that this is on a level that far exceeds that of a normal ten year old boy or girl. Some negative accusations could be that he is sometimes seen as bossy, arrogant, condescending, and dictatorial.

Peter assumes a role in these seven books, albeit different roles, but still present. The character of him is fully developed and shows some depth and perspective.

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